Ketogenic Diet Coaching Program


 Amazing benefits and great success with The Ketogenic Diet is what you deserve. It’s all possible, but ONLY if it’s done the RIGHT way! 


 My coaching program is designed for people who made a decision they want to start Ketogenic Diet but know they need support in making it a success. Most people don’t have time to prepare shopping lists, calculate macros, look for hidden sugars on each label and may not know how to prepare their favorite food in a Keto compliant way. Yes! You can eat delicious deserts, pizza and even Keto-friendly noodles!


Program Includes


Initial Consultation (FREE) 

  • Introduction to Ketogenic Diet
  • Consultation about priorities and goals
  • Presentation of the Ketogenic Diet Coaching Program
  • Q & A  
  • Scheduling the start date 


Weekly “Visual Menu” & Recipes

  • Visual presentation of a sample keto menu for each week
  • Shopping lists for each week (clickable version available)
  • Weekly meal recipes
  • Product recommendations

      Ketogenic Diet Coaching 

      • Weekly Coaching Sessions (phone consultations up to 30 min) to ensure progress towards achieving your goals, to motivate you, and to build sustainable eating habits
      • Email support
      • Q & A


      Keto Success Support Tools

      • Calculating “macro’s” for weight loss goals
      • Comprehensive list of Keto-Friendly foods
      • Keto-Friendly Restaurant Guide
      • Local farms locator
      • Sample workout plan
      • List of recommended stores & products
      • Body measurement weight tracker
      • Keto education materials

      Tips and Tricks for Keto Success

      • How to improve sleep, energy, mental clarity and focus
      • How to speed up weight lost and break stalls
      • How to easily implement intermittent fasting 
      • How to read labels and find healthy foods
      • How to avoid common mistakes on Keto
      • How to know if you are in ketosis
      • and many more!

      Up to 50% Discount Available  

      • Introductory offer makes the program budget friendly


      4 Week Keto Starter Program

      **50% OFF – Limited Time Offer**

      This 50% OFF savings only applies to a purchase of a 4 Week Keto Starter Plan that includes Keto Coaching & “Visual Menu”, which is a sample menu clients receive each week.

      Additional discounts available for client referrals. 

      Love Your Food

      Feel Great Again!

      People who regain their health often get close to their ideal weight, get more energy and enjoy the results even more, because they actually… appreciate. 

      Health & Keto Coach 


      This Ketogenic Diet Coaching Program is not intended to provide dietary advice and does not treat any health condition, but if that kind of advice is needed, we have a team of collaborating Functional Medicine Doctors and Partners who can provide additional support. 

      Cooking with Passion 

      Schedule a consultation and share your food preferences. Let me evaluate and share my thoughts about making your favorite food in a Keto-friendly way. 

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      Accountability & Support

      Working with a Keto Coach helps people develop new habits and stick to them, which increases the chances of achieving goals. Weekly coaching sessions will give you support.

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      Easy Application

      Many people try “Keto” and fail. Working with a Certified Coach can give you “shortcuts”, can help avoid mistakes, and makes it much easier for you to succeed. 

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      “Thanks to Monika I now have more energy, work out every day and I also lost 11lbs and feel great. I definitely recommend this program”

      Halina M.

      “I am a consultant and need mental clarity and high energy to serve my clients. Ketogenic diet makes a difference!”

      Mike T.

      “Dealing with a chronic disease is very frustrating and hopeless at times… This program has transformed my life. Keto is awesome!”

      Monika M. – My Success Story 


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